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Dear Guest!

On behalf of the staff of HOTEL CSOPAK Resort & Lake, we welcome you!
In our information we would like to briefly introduce the services of our hotel and provide you with some important information to help you find your way around the hotel.

We wish you a pleasant stay and relaxation!

| A-Z

Phone numbers and business hours:
Before calling, press the button displaying the receiver phone symbol!

Reception 0-24....................................................0
Luggage service 0-24.........................................0
Restaurant 07.00-22.00....................................222
Lobby bar 07.00-22.00......................................222


- A -

You can request an internationally suitable plug or an adapter needed to transform the socket at the reception.

Air conditioner
Our hotel rooms are suited with customisable air conditioners.
We ask our guests to not reprogram the remote control, and only change the temperature option.
The optimal temperature setting during the summer is 24-25 Celsius.
Approach the reception in case of any questions regarding the air conditioner.


- B -

Open the windows at your own responsibility.
Please pay care to the level differences, the curtains and the insects.
The parents are responsible for their children's safety when they go out into the balcony.

The lobby bar, located on the ground floor of the hotel's main building, is abound with refreshments, alcoholic drinks, and coktail, tea and coffee specialties.

Please approach the reception.

if you would like us to change your bedding every day, please notify the reception until 9:00.

Bicycle renting and tours
You can rent a bicycle for a fee at the reception.
The hotel's surroundings offer ompeccable opportunities for biking tours.
For further information, please approach the reception.

The billiard table located in the ground floor's game room is available to use for free.
Children under the age of 12 are allowed to use the table in the presence of an adult.

Blanket and pillow
Upon request, the hotel provides blankets and pillows free of charge.
Different fillings are available (feather, sponge, non-allergenic)
please approach the reception.


- C -

In order to protect people and valuables, the hotel's buildings are equipped with closed-circuit television (CCTV) video surveillance. We store recordings for a time aligned with legislation, and do not release it to third-parties.

The rooms can be occupied from 14:30.

We ask our guests to leave your rooms by 10:30 on the day of your check-out. If you would like to remain in their rooms for longer, please notify the reception in time. With regards to free capacity, you can remain in your room for extra charge.

Childbeds and bedding are available upon prior notice.

Our rooms are cleaned every day between 08:00 and 16:00.
If you wish to not have your room cleaned, hang the ,,Do not disturb" sign on the door handle. In case of an improperly used room's cleaning, the hotel might charge an extra fee.

Compensation and responsibility
Our hotel reserves its right to reimburse guests in case of intentional damage.
We take no responsibility for accidents and belongings left without guard on the hotel's territory.

If you wish to hold a conference in the hotel, please approach the reception for information.


- D -

Daily newspaper
Please approach the reception.

Please call the reception without delay in case of emergency.

Do not disturb
If you don't want anyone to disturb you in your room, we ask you to hang the appropriate sign found in the room.
if you would like your room to be cleaned after you have rested, please notify the reception.

Dress Code
We ask our guests to abide by a basic dress code appropriate for the occasion.



- E -

230 Volt, 50 Hz

Emergency exit
According to the escape route displayed in each room.

Reserving a sunbed is only allowed as long as the guest is staying at the swimming pool.
Smoking is only permitted in the allocated zone.
Please avoid silence nuisance.
Parents are responsible for their children.
Please abide the dress code.


- F -

Every constructive criticism will hlep us to reach the desired quality of our hotel as fast as possible.
We ask our guests to approach our colleagues or hotel's leadership.

First Aid Kit
The first aid kit is located at the hotel's reception.

In case of a fire, immediately call the reception and follow the escape route displayed on the room door or cabinet.
Usage of the lift/elevator during a fire is forbidden.
if you need help, call the reception.

Fitness park (outdoor)
Our outdoor fitness park is available at your own responsibility.
Children under the age of 12 are allowed to use the park in the presence of an adult.

The foosball (table football) located in ground floor's hotel's game room is available to use for free.
Children under the age of 12 are allowed to use the table in the presence of an adult.

Found belongings
Left behind belongings are kept by us for a month.
For information, approach the reception.


- G -

Guest's opinion
Please share your feedback and opinions in the available print at the reception. 
Your feedback allows us to shape our services according to your needs.


- H -

Hair dryer
In the main building's rooms, hair dryers can be found on the bathroom's walls, while in the Premium building, they can be found in the bathroom cabinet.

Hiking routes
Our receptionists happily assist you in planning a hiking route.

Hygienic neccesities
Toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo and shower gel can be requested at the reception free of charge.


- I -

We provide free Wi-Fi service on the hotel's entire premise.

IT assistance
In case you are in need of IT-related help, please call our reception.

Operation an iron in the hotel rooms is strictly forbidden!
For further information, approach the reception.


- L -

If you wish to use this service, approach the reception.
The hotel takes no responsibility for the clothes, and reserves its right to not accept highly contaminated or damaged clothings to wash.

Lift/Elevator usage
Children below the age of 10 are only allowed to use the lift in presence of an adult.

We offer a londiner service for the transportation of your luggage, please call the reception!

Lost belongings
In case of a lost belonging, please approach the reception.

Luggage storage
Upon our guest's request, we offer free storage for their luggage after they have checked out. 
For further information, please approach the reception!


- M/N -

The minibars found in your room contain soda and alcoholic drinks, which are billed after opened, taken out or if the seal is removed.
The minibar is refilled daily. Additional refills can be requested at the reception.

please approach the reception. Daily and weekly newspapers are available.


- P -

Besides cash, our hotel accepts the following methods:
Mastercard (MC), Maestro, VISA, VISA Electron Card, SZÉP Card (OTP, MBH, K&H)

The hotel's parking lot is closed but not guarded.
The parking lot is available for use for our guests, at their own responsibility. For potential damages the hotel's operator does not take responsibility.
KRESZ rules are to be abided in the parking lot.

Our hotel does not accomodate pets.

Please approach the reception.

Reception - 0
Restaurant/Room Service - 222
If you with to phone outside the hotel, please approach the reception.

Photocopying, scanning
Available at the reception for a fee.

Preservation of values
Safes can be found in a number of our rooms.
There is a central safe at the reception available for free, and there are also a limited number of personal safes you can use free of charge.

Public phone
A public phone is available at the reception, and our guests are able to use it for a fee of 1000 Ft per call.
The outgoing calls are noted automatically, by a computer.


- R -

Our reception is available every day from 00:00 to 24:00, both in person and on call.

You can reserve your next stay in time, our room reservation section will book it for you.

Our hotel's restaurant is located on the main building's ground floor.
Types of service: buffet breakfast.

Room bill
After consumption in the restaurant or bar, the price of your items can be charged in to your room bill.
In this case, you need to tell your room number and name to our colleagues, after which you need to sign the receipt. (Exceptions are groups and events).

Room cards
At 10:30 on the day of your check-out, your room cards will go out of service. We ask you to hand your room cards to the receptionist while checking out. In case of a lost card, a 5000 HUF surcharge needs to be paid.

Room safe
Safes can be foudn in the cabinets of our Premium rooms, with instructions included. The safe can be opened and locked with your own code.
Before leaving your room, make sure the safe is locked.
A central safe is available at the reception, free of charge.
Please approach the reception with further questions.

Room service
Our hotel offes room service every day between 08:00 and 21:00.
The room service's fee is 2000 HUF/occasion.


- S -

Sewing equipment
Available at the reception free of charge.

Shoe care
The shoe cleaning machine located in the hotel's reception is available to use for free.
Upon request, the reception offers shoe cleaning tissues.

Please approach the reception if you wish to have slippers placed in your room.

Smoking in our hotel is forbidden.
In case of smoking in the rooms or on the balconies, an extra cleaning charge of 20.000 HUF will be accounted for.
Smoking is only permitted in the allocated zone. For further information please approach the reception.

Sporting accessories and opportunities
For a fee, Nordic-canes, tennis rackets and bicycles are available for our guests, please approach the reception.

The sunbeds placed beside the swimming pool can be used free of charge.
We don't rent or reserve sunbeds, we ask our guest to not occupy them unnecessarily either.

Swimming pool
Our hotel's swimming pool can be used every day between 10:00 and 20:00.
Glass and food is not permitted in the pool and on the terrace.
The white textile-towels found in the rooms are not to be used at the pool.
Reservation of the sunbeds is only available until you stay at the pool section. The unnecessarily reserved sunbeds will be freed by our colleagues.
It is compulsory for our guests to abide by the pool's terms of use.


- T -

Table reservation
if you would like to reserve a table, please call the restaurant.

Taxi service
Please approach the reception.

Technical assistance
Please approach the reception.

Television / Radio
Every room in our hotel is equipped with LCD televisions, on which programmes in both Hungarian and foreign languages can be found. 
The channels are pre-programmed. Information about phone-channels can be found in the cannel allocation guide.

Toothbrush, toothpaste, other hygienic necessities
Please approach the recpetion.

Available at the reception for use at the swimming pool.
ROOM: The white towels found in the rooms are changed every 3 days in our environment's protection and long-term longetivity. If you wish to have your towels changed every day, please approach the reception.
The extra change of towels costs 1000 Ft/piece.
POOL TERRACE: The white towels from the rooms can not be used on the outdoor swimming pool's terrace. For his purpose, we provide free, green towels at the reception. In case of a lost towel, we charge 3000 HUF.
Please note that in the case of missing textiles, we charge the following:
Green towels: 3000 HUF/piece
White towels 70x140 cm: 3000 HUF/piece
Bathrobe: 10000 HUF/piece
White towels 50x70 cm: 1000 HUF/piece
Shower mat: 2000 HUF/piece.


- U -

The reception offers a limited number of umbrellas.



- W -

Wake up call
If you wish to be woken in the morning, please phone the reception before.

Open the windows at your own responsibility.
Please pay care to the level differences, the curtains and the insects.
The parents are responsible for their children's safety when they go out in to the balcony.

Contact info

Address: 8229 Csopak, Örkény István sétány 2.

Sales:: +36/87 580 030


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